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Payback Time

Okay, I confess. I am not going to whack anyone. The title is a just a hook to get you to read this article on the payback (return on investment) for food forests.  I was moved to write it when someone suggested that it would be better to use donations to buy food for the […]

April Showers Bring Rain Barrels

Project Food Forest as many of you know is getting ready to plant phase 1 of its first food forest at First Evangelical Free Church. We have been working very hard at planning and organizing to ensure that the first project is a success.  This involves making sure we have trees, shrubs, mulch, and of […]

Prepping for Garden Season

Prepping for the gardening season begins in February for some people who start seeds indoors. Some vegetables need to start growing 8-10 weeks before they are planted outside. So those people have to decide when the likely last frost date is and start seeds accordingly. I never get around to starting seeds indoors so I […]

Why Everyone Should Compost

In our society, today, wasted food is an ever present and growing problem. It is unimaginable how much food Americans throw away each year. More than 38 million tons of food waste was created in 2014 alone, while a small fraction, 5.1 percent, was redirected from landfills and incinerators for composting. The EPA estimates “that […]

Looking Back to Plan Ahead

This is an exciting time for Project Food Forest. We have a couple of food forests in the works for this year. There is a lot of planning and fundraising to do. Then there is the payoff where we get our hands dirty and plant stuff. That will be fun. And while that is going […]

Sioux Falls is Growing but Its Middle Class is Shrinking

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It’s such a cliché. I hesitate to even use it, but the phrase pretty much sums up what is happening right here in Sioux Falls. Well, perhaps that isn’t completely accurate. It’s not that the rich are getting more money while the poor get less. Rather, […]

The Long Road to Butterfly Boulevard

I have been introducing native plants into my yard for several years now. It has not been a smooth or easy road. At first I thought I had some native flowers already. But then further research showed that what I thought might be American bellflower (native) was actually European bellflower (non-native). And the wild phlox […]